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2018 Boat Captains & Crew Briefing – Harbour Hotel, The Docks, Galway, Wed July 18th 2018 @ 6.30pm

There will be a safety briefing for ALL Boat Captains and Crew as follows:

  • Wednesday, July 18th, 2018
  • Time: 6.30pm – 8.00pm (Registration from 6.30pm – Briefing starts at 7.00pm)
  • Harbour Hotel, The Docks, Galway (John B Keane Suite)

While we recommend that all boat captains and crew attend, it is particularly important that new boat captains who have not assisted previously on the Galway Bay Swim are present at the briefing.

Note: The Boat Captain declaration and checklist must be completed online prior to the briefing:

The Boat Captains briefing will cover the following areas:

  • Safety information for boat captains and crew
  • Launching your boat on Friday 20th July, 2018
  • Wave times and Muster point for your swimmer on Saturday morning July 22nd (swim day)
  • A chart of the course will be provided to all Boat Captains
  • No-Boat zones at start and finish
  • Swim gates (buoys) and cut-off times for swimmers to reach these points.
  • Advice on guiding your swimmer across the bay
  • Q & A


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