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  • Results>>2012 Swim Results

2012 Frances Thornton Memorial Galway Bay Swim Results

Even though there was no rain, this was one of the more difficult crossings in recent years with swimmers battling a wind speed of 17 – 21 Knots (Force 5) in the bay from a NW direction. The swimmers would have been swimming almost directly into a strong wind for most of the crossing. It would have eased a bit as they got closer to Salthill due to the wind shadow provided by the land. Given the conditions, there are some excellent times recorded.

  • Date: July 28th, 2012
  • Swim Start Time: 11.00am
  • Wind Direction: NW
  • Wind Speed: 17 – 21 Knots (Force 5)
  • Wave Height: 2 – 3 metres (wind driven – excludes ocean swell)
  • Air Temperature: 13 – 15 degrees C
  • Sea Temperature: 13 – 15 degrees C
  • Low Tide: 6.56am (1.6m)
  • High Tide: 1.24pm (4.1m)
  • Data from Met Eireann – Mace Head
1 Chris Bryan Male Togs 2h 20m 18sec 1st Male
2 Stephen Early Male Wetsuit 3h 07m 40sec Joint 2nd Male
3 Kevin Thornton Male Wetsuit 3h 07m 40sec Joint 2nd Male
4 Gerard Lally Male Wetsuit 3h 22m 58sec
5 Andy Flanagan Male Togs 3h 31m 30sec 2nd Male Togs
6 Lorcan Quaid Male Wetsuit 3h 32m 25sec
7 Donal Mahon Male Wetsuit 3h 34m 10sec
8 Adam Caulfield Male Togs 3h 45m 37sec 3rd Male Togs
9 Emma Daly Relay Wetsuit 3h 46m 30sec 1st Relay
10 Henry Daly Relay Wetsuit 3h 46m 30sec 1st Relay
11 Barry Coll Male Wetsuit 3h 52m 00sec
12 Patrick Lowry Male Wetsuit 3h 54m 54sec
13 Christopher Sheehan Male Wetsuit 3h 58m 00sec
14 Cathal Hanley Male Wetsuit 3h 59m 19sec
15 Ross Coll Male Wetsuit 4h 00m 45sec
16 Donncha Molloy Male Wetsuit 4h 01m 55sec
17 Martin Oliver Male Wetsuit 4h 01m 57sec
18 Brian O’Donnell Male Wetsuit 4h 11m 24sec
19 Niav Ryan Female Wetsuit 4h 13m 55sec 1st Female
20 Simon Flately Male Wetsuit 4h 20m 27sec
21 Tom O’Dowd Male Wetsuit 4h 21m 50sec
22 Fiona Thornton Female Wetsuit 4h 22m 10sec 2nd Female
23 Fiona Donovan Female Togs 4h 36m 35sec 3rd Female
24 Mark McDonagh Male Wetsuit 4h 49m 54sec
25 Caitriona Lynch Female Wetsuit 5h 00m 30sec
26 Conor Ferguson Male Wetsuit 5h 04m 15sec
27 Mark Sheehan Male Wetsuit 5h 07m 40sec
28 Peter O’Connell Male Wetsuit 5h 22m 09sec
29 Rob Hanley Male Wetsuit 5h 22m 45sec
30 Deirdre Newell Female Wetsuit 5h 23m 57sec
31 Killian McSharry Male Wetsuit 5h 30m 25sec
32 Gordon Hardiman Male Wetsuit 5h 57m 10sec
33 Jennifer Quinn Female Wetsuit 6h 28m 50sec
34 James Casserly Male Wetsuit 6h 37m 10sec
35 Adrian Craddock Male Wetsuit DNF
36 Kevin Hynes Male Wetsuit DNF
37 Martin O’Halloran Male Wetsuit DNF